Björkholmen Gallery

Lukas Göthman

Lukas Göthman's artistry focuses on series of journeys, self experienced selected realities or made up by fiction and dreams. His works are often featured as texts; short stories, a title or a phrase repeated to create an abstract composition. Göthman investigates the visual effect of words and letters. Sentence by sentence build an intriguing visual composition set over a monocrome of colour. Curves and impressions of varying fields of depth are realised following a simple set of self imposed rules, such as starting in the top right hand corner of the canvas and writing from right to left. Another part of his body of works investigates the landscape. In the recent series he explores them through the watercolour medium, creating dreamlike expressions. It is the artist's very private world of thought or emotion in which viewers are immersed through the intensity of the colour scheme and the repetitive text in his works.